Indiepop Radio

Indiepop Radio is a streaming internet radio station and podcast that plays indie songs with proper tunes and proper lyrics: Indiepop, Sarah Records, Brit-Pop, Shoegaze, Twee... Visit the Bands page to find out more.

The streaming station plays fifty new tracks every week - a mix of old and new, signed and unsigned bands - but every song an indiepop classic.

Each podcast episode features seven tracks from mostly new and unsigned bands.

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Click here to launch Indiepop Radio

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What will it be this week? Classic indiepop from the likes of legendary Sarah Records bands the Field Mice or the Orchids? Melodic gems from Australian popsters the Go-Betweens or the Lucksmiths? Or will it be that Debbie Gibson* record I liked when I was twelve, but still secretly sing along to when I think no-one is looking???! Tune in today to find out...

For more information, please email To be notified of changes to the playlist once a week, sign up to the mailing list. You can also visit the MySpace page at

(*NB. It probably WON’T be Debbie Gibson...)



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